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Beatiful Floor Design

We are knowledgeable and experienced with the latest designs, materials, and methods.

Fair Pricing

We give you the highest quality workmanship for a competitive price.

Commitment to Excellence

We want you to LOVE your knew floors and to that end we strive to perfection in our work.

Plans and Pricing

Every job has its variables that can effect our bid and rates. We want to be up front with you with the base rates we charge. The tables below represent what to expect our labor costs to run for the type of installation. With a free in-home estimate and the knowledge of what we charge, choosing us is easy.

Glue Down Floors

$2 - 3/Square Foot
  • Prices vary slightly because of floor type, flooring lay out, and square footage being installed. This is generally your best application to adhere flooring to slab.
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Glue Together Floors

$1.50 - 2/Square Foot
  • Engineered floors can also be glued together with a tongue and grove glue. The flooring is essencially floating over the slab with padding underneath, but can help make a significant savings to a budget.
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Nail Down Floors

$2 - 3.75/Square Foot
  • Nail down floors are most popular with solid plank wood flooring. Flooring “cleats” are used to install wood over a plywood subfloor. Price varies significantly because of the width of flooring planks.
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Floating Floors

$1.25 - 2/Square Foot
  • Most floating floors come in the form of laminates(but vinyl plank flooring and engineered flooring are becoming popular to float as well). The material and install is generally the most affordable and still provides the look of real wood.
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