About Our Team

Where every project begins and ends with a handshake

Tim McFarland

President, and founder of Old School Flooring. Tim is a flooring expert who’s knowledge, experience, work ethic and people skills make him the best in the business.

  • Wood Floors 100%
  • Tile Floors 80%
  • Project Planning 50%
  • Customer Relations 100%

The OSF Team

Old School Flooring maintains a team of hard working professionals who take pride in getting the job done on time, on budget, and to the satisfaction of our customers.

  • Flooring 80%
  • Demo 30%
  • Cleaning 50%

Flooring Expertise

Flooring is our career, not something we do on the side. Making sure your floor is installed with percison and detail is our top priority. We bring positive attitudes, todays best tools and years and years of experience to your home.

Customer Satisfaction

We want to leave you with a floor that doesn’t just satisfy, but excites. Finding a floor together that fits your needs and makes a room look beautiful is our number 1 commitment to you.

Fair Pricing

We are committed to pricing that is fair to all parties. We believe our rates are affordable and nicely reflect our passion and expertise to the trade.

Personal Communication

A flooring project of any size can many times feel uncertain and overwhelming to individuals. Understand that we at Old School Flooring value our open lines of communication throuhout the entire process. Our responses are never farther than and email, phone call or text away.

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